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Volunteers and Volunteer Opportunities

Community volunteers are invaluable to the orchestra, because they can handle some of the behind-the-scenes duties and thus give the musicians more time to spend making music.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? talk to one of the musicians after a concert, or get in touch by phone or email (see the Contact Us page).

We are looking for photos of our volunteers that let us know something about who they are when they are not volunteering.
Send digital images to the webmaster. We prefer 150 to 300 dpi so send them one at a time. Please place the words "Civic Photos" in Subject line of the e-mail.

Current volunteers:

Frances Aknai • Don Cox • Marcus Durrant • Sheila Longton • Mary Jill McCulloch • Cynthia Moorhouse • Gail Nash • Gillian Roe • Sandy Sandford • Micah Simcoff • Lynne York • Frank Younger

The people who serve on our Board of Directors are also volunteers, as are those who comprise the Music Committee.

Recent volunteers:

Barb Cleary • Sonja de Wit • John Felton • Sally John • Carol Pickup • Amber Sandford (deceased) • Sue Smith (deceased) • Pat Toye • Barrie Webster • Judy Honickman-Fuller (deceased)